Capital Campaign

    Why are we doing a capital campaign?
  • The purpose of this capital campaign is to raise funds which will expand Abiding Savior’s facility and grounds.  We believe this project will assist in providing a more welcoming environment for members and guests to participate in the many ministries our church conducts.  This is a special fundraising effort for an initiative we are unable to pay for through our annual operating budget.  The Together in Faith…Building for the Future theme communicates our desire to achieve a vision for the future with a focus on doing so through our faith in Christ.
    Does our congregation support moving forward with a capital campaign?
  • In the spring of 2017, Abiding Savior enlisted a fundraising consulting firm to conduct a feasibility study.  All members were asked to participate through interviews and surveys.  Results indicated that many are willing to volunteer and 86% of participants said yes to or would consider making a gift, indicating broad support.
    What projects will be completed through this campaign and how much does it cost?
  • Projects in the plan include: new classrooms, offices and restrooms, as well as an expanded entrance/commons area.  The total cost is approximately $800,000.
    What is the campaign goal and what if we don’t reach $800,000?
  • The feasibility study results estimated that Abiding Savior has an ability to raise $200,000 to $300,000 over a three-year period, above and beyond our annual giving.  Our minimum goal is to reach a dollar amount within this range.
    We plan to conduct the capital campaign and collect pledges and initial gifts to determine how much we can expect in dollars over the next three years.  Abiding Savior will then determine how large of a building loan is needed to complete the project.  The closer we are able to get to $800,000, the smaller a loan will have to be.  Raising as much money as possible is critical to saving thousands on loan interest.

    What is the capital campaign timeline?
  • A church education process begins with this document and will continue throughout the next couple of months.  At this time, the plan is to distribute and collect pledge cards in March of 2018.  Every member will be invited to make a three-year pledge above and beyond their regular giving.  
    Is the proposed plan manageable for a congregation our size?
  • After the campaign pledges have been collected a building plan will be finalized and shared with the congregation.  Abiding Savior’s leadership is committed to being good stewards of funds raised and not taking on more than we can afford.
    If the expansion isn’t important to me why should I support a campaign?
  • Abiding Savior serves as a “conduit” or extension of our individual faith life.  As members, we are part of an extended family which is called upon to actively support an array of worship, education, social outreach, fellowship programs, and activities.  As a family member, each of us provides visible and tangible support and encouragement for all needs within the family, not just those that are important to us.

    As we now begin to move forward with the plans that were formed, it is important that we do so "being one in spirit and of one mind"
    (Philippians 2:2).  Just as the success of Nehemiah's wall project involved all available hands doing their part, so too this project will be greatly enhanced and strengthened through a united effort.
    When will the building project be completed?
  • Our hope is that with a loan, the proposed project would be completed in 2019.  How much we are able to raise and when the money is collected is also a factor.  Members will be kept up to date as progress is made on the fundraising and building project.
    How can I learn more about this campaign?
  • The campaign committee and leadership will keep you informed throughout the next several months through worship announcements, mail, email, and other forms of communication.  We will also hold gatherings to offer additional opportunities for questions and answers. 
    How can I contribute?
  • If you are interested in making a contribution to our campaign, giving online is one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways to give.  It wastes no paper or postage, and can be done at your convenience. To make either a one-time or recurring gift, simply click here.

  • The Team Working on the Together in Faith…Building for the Future Capital Campaign

    Campaign Chair:               
    Sarah Krone                                                                                                                                    
    Campaign Committee:
    Pastor Tim Bode
    Paul Otto
    Bill Phillips
    Derick & Charity Sonnenberg
    Mike Ternes
    Greg Venema
    Campaign Consultants:
    Michael & Whitney Davy from Mark Davy & Associates