What Is Worship Like?

I rejoiced with those who said to me, "Let us go to the house of the LORD." (Psalm 122:1)

Our worship services focus on readings from God's Word, the Bible.  There we hear God talk to us.  Music and singing are also important parts of our worship, and all our praises are music to the Lord.

Our worship services use traditional forms, with modern language and application.  This 'blended' style of worship brings out the best of both worlds.  The traditional unites us with God's Church throughout the ages, while the 'modern' brings God's promises and His will into our daily lives.

Our worship services usually include the following parts in a variety of forms:
  • The Invocation - We call on the name of our Lord as we praise him.
  • Admitting Sins and Receiving Forgiveness - We acknowledge that we have not been or done what God asks.  Then we are assured of forgiveness through Jesus.
  • Bible Readings - We read selections from God's Word, including the words of ancient prophets, Jesus' apostles, and Jesus himself.
  • Sermon - The pastor offers instruction and encouragement in a Bible-based message for all ages.  You can expect to hear of God's grace and the promise of eternal life through our only Savior, Jesus, as well as God's guidance for dealing with life's problems.
  • Response to the Word - We respond to God's goodness with offerings and prayers, thanking him for the things he has promised to us, and asking for the strength to do what he has asked.
  • Parting Blessing - Before we return home for the week, we hear one last assurance of the Lord's gracious care.

Throughout these different parts of our service, we praise God with psalms and hymns from the entire history of God's Church.