Confirmation class is a two-year study for seventh- and eighth-graders.  The goal of this study is to prepare our students doctrinally, to know what the Bible teaches; spirtually, to believe its truths; and personally, to be ready to serve God and His kingdom.  Participants study God's Word using Luther's Small Catechism as their guide.  The oldest catechism still in use, Luther's Small Catechism taught six essential areas of faith ("chief parts").  Students study and memorize key Bible verses and explanations for major components of the faith:
  •     Ten Commandments
  •     the Apostles’ Creed
  •     the Lord’s Prayer
  •     the Sacrament of Holy Baptism
  •     the Office of the Keys and Confession
  •     the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper

Following this course work, students are publicly confirmed in the faith.  They are then considered full, adult members of the church and are ready for adult Bible study and the Lord's Supper.