Bible Information Class

Have you ever wondered what the Bible teaches about:
  • How the world was formed?
  • Why there is bad stuff in the world?
  • Who Jesus is and what did He do for you?

If you have, please join us for a Bible Information Class.  This series of classes is taught straight from the Bible.  Whether you are a beginning Bible reader or have some background, what you learn here will change and strengthen your life as you get to know God.  There is no obligation to join the church, but you are welcome to sit in, learn, and ask questions.  Upon completion of the course, you may become a member by a profession of your faith, or you may choose not to join, and further study the Word as the Lord leads you. 

All the materials are provided, and there are about twenty lessons, spanning 10 - 12 weeks, covering such important subjects as:

Is there a God?
What does the Bible teach us about God?
How did mankind fall into sin?
Why did Jesus need to be both true God and true man?
What does Jesus' resurrection prove?
What is the law and gospel?
What does baptism mean for me?
What are the blessings of the Lord's Supper?
How do I study the Bible?
What answers may God give to our prayers?

If you are interested in attending, please contact the church office at 763-241-9444 or