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1 Chronicles (The People’s Bible)

Christ-centered Bible truths unfold as you read this complete series of commentaries designed for spiritual growth and reading enjoyment. These trustworthy commentaries help you comprehend what you’ve read in Scripture as well as apply it to your life. These commentaries offer: Easy-to-read commentary that follows the text (in NIV) so you learn as you read, Scripture and commentary on the same page, Bible text highlighted in bold, explanation of complicated passages, important facts are identified to expand understanding of Bible times and help apply passages to life today, and maps and charts. This series is an excellent companion text for Bible study leaders and for individual use.

The First Book of Chronicles traces the history of God’s people from Adam to David. Through this history God reminded his people that the Messiah, a royal descendant of David, would come. When the Messiah did come, he established God’s righteous rule over his people in a way far beyond the rule of any human king.